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Another Place, Another Time

Another Place, Another Time
Eclection 1968
In Her Mind
Violet Dew
Will Tomorrow Be the Same

because Eclection is listed here

In The Early Days

Dave Guard and Kerrilee Male

Singer Kerrilee Male had, in 1965, sung in Dave's Place Group; that outfit was featured on the Australian folk music television show Dave's Place, featuring ex-Kingston Trio guitarist Dave Guard, who had somehow ended up living in Sydney

The Dave's Place Group 1965
Dave Guard, Kerrilee Male, Chris Bonett.


as you entered you heard:
In Her Mind from the
Eclection album

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singing with The Dave's Place Group

forty -one years have now passed
since Dave Guard (ex-Kingston Trio)
hosted his own weekly television
musical program. Dave’s Place
was produced in Australia during
Dave’s five-year period of residence
down under. Sadly, only two other
countries besides Australia ever got
to see the program, which chronicled
a lost chapter in Dave Guard’s eventful
and ever-changing musical career.
Kerrilee Male was apart of that chapter

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